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February 09, 2011


For all of you who don't know. I am learning Spanish, just to pick up another language. There is something really magically and nice about language which just entices me! haha
Anyway I have been learning Spanish for abit over 2 months - we are having a break now! Pam decided to bring me to a Spanish place to dine in!
We decided to try this place in VivoCity, which we felt wasn't the best. Despite me not having tried much Spanish food I knew it wasn't the best! We had a really enjoyable time still though! It's the company that matters right? :)
While we were trying to find the place at Vivo, we actually walked past and not realised it is Serenity! The deco was not very Spanish-y but the def did greet as Hola! (I can't seem to do the inverted ! in blogger! ) when we walked in.
The menu!


Paella (Pronounced as Pie-a-uh)
It reminds me slightly of baked rice without cheese! lol


I got this bangle ages ago at Diva (aus) when they were having a sale & I love it! I have not seen the same colour combination in Singapore! :( I would love to get another one!


The seating was very chill and the chairs were VERY low! It's almost like sitting on the floor!  I don't remember all the names of the food :( I should have blogged about this earlier! boo!


My mocktail with lychee, watermelon and mango! It was alright, not the best I have tasted though!
We wanted to have paella and the waitress told us it would take about 30 mins, we were starving or at least I was :p so we decided to dig into desserts first before the mains! That's how we roll!


My orange ice cream thing-y.  The biscuit bits were good, the orange was just blah. haha


P's brownie & ice cream! I think you can never go wrong with CHOCOLATE! :D


Finally the paella came. It was not too bad! Pretty decent! There were alot of peas :( I don't like peas!haha. I would LOVE to eat paella again!!
The bill amounted to $90 which I thought was slightly pricey for the food we got, but the experience was an awesome one! I would LOVE to try the better Spanish food which P always raves about! I can't wait!
They thanked us in their broken Spanish, but it was really good effort! haha
If you guys wants to know more about the place, do visit their website! :D
Gracias & Adios mi amigos! :D
February 09, 2011


Hey guys! 
This is my first post here & I realised in the recent days I really enjoy blogging! I really wanna do a more lifestyle blog hence elizahearts <3 It's gonna be all about people I <3 & things I <3!
I am excited already! Watch this space for exciting things and definitely don't forget to follow me!
Much much loveeee

Welcome :)

Hey everyone! Elizahearts encompasses everything I love, be it clothes, food, friends really just anything! So I hope you just enjoy this little space of mine, with all my random rambles & what nots! :D

Leave me a comment on anything at all - I really mean anything :) I hope you enjoy yourself! Much love! <3

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